Antaléa, a guarantee of quality, transparency and independence

Since its creation in 2011, Antaléa has supported its customers based on several strong commitments, which together enable it to provide the best possible service.

- Independance

Antaléa is not accountable to any company and can therefore ensure that all clients receive an impartial and objective service.

- Transparency

We are committed to providing transparent analysis and results, based on facts in the form of detailed reports, whose formats are defined in collaboration with our customers to best match their needs and help them in their efforts to improve and secure their processes.

- Confidentiality

Within the company all analyses, tests and results are encrypted and if sets of data are required to achieve certain tests, they are completely anonymous; Antaléa uses fictitious but nonetheless highly realistic data.

- Specialization

Antaléa does not intend to be a multi-specialized company, but instead focuses on its core competency: risk and compliance consulting and processes auditing. This specialization enables the acquisition of expertise in this area, which benefits all its customers.

- Excellence

The excellence of the work performed is a major commitment of Antaléa. It is ensured by constant monitoring of the quality of deliverables provided, and continual training.