Antaléa : the combination of a high level of expertise and an innovative tool

Antaléa’s proposition revolves around three primary offerings :

Antaléa Consulting :

Antaléa supports and guides you throughout your project :
Requirements gathering
Identification of data needed
Writing requests for proposals
Evaluation of products in the industry and trends
Adaptation of your functional architecture
Interface specifications
Test scenarios
Knowledge transfer and training
Go Live

Antaléa Audit :

Antaléa provides an independent and external audit of your risk and compliance systems, based firstly on the expertise of Antaléa which is a guarantee of quality, transparency and independence and secondly on the use of our innovative tool RiskyLeaks.


Antaléa Optimization :

On one hand the multiplication of implemented controls increases processing time and maintenance costs, and on the other hand incorrect or missing data degrade the quality of monitoring incidents. Antaléa can provide assistance via two key areas of improvement :
Streamlined controls by detecting duplicates and inconsistencies
Identification of problems related to data and search for alternative sources